E3 2014: Shigeru Miyamoto leads the way with unique Wii U game ideas… again

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Shigeru Miyamoto is just a delight, isn’t he? His infectious grin and enthusiasm for games aren’t his only assets, though, and now that the Wii U has been out for a year and a half he’s rolling up his sleeves once again to help showcase the ways developers can make use of the console’s GamePad with a number of new projects, one of which is the next Star Fox game.

What else has the legendary designer been working on, other than his winning smile? No less than two new and intriguing Wii U games, both of which use the GamePad in all-new and unexpected ways.


As if you needed to introduce yourself…

Both available next year on Wii U, ‘Project Guard’ and ‘Project Giant Robot’ (presumably working title names…) are games that Nintendo hopes will show Wii U owners (and Wii U game developers) what is possible with the GamePad’s tilt controls and touch-screen.

Here’s Miyamoto introducing the two games as a primer:

Shigeru Miyamoto – Introducing Project Giant Robot and Project Guard

Project Guard


In Project Guard, you’re in charge of fending off a robot invasion by shooting them down before they crowd your base. How do you achieve this?

Instead of giving you direct control of a gun to blast the robots, you’ll need to set up twelve security cameras around a perimeter before the invasion begins. Handily, each camera can also act as a turret. Once the invasion starts, you’ll be presented with a screen filled with twelve cameras from which you’ll need to monitor the appearance of the robots and manually set off the turrets when you spot enemies on the screens, using the GamePad to scan and shoot.

The game encourages anyone watching you play to help point out robot sightings so you can switch to that camera and eliminate threats, which Nintendo says “makes for a thrilling spectator experience,” and there’s no reason not to believe it.

Project Giant Robot


Project Robot, on the other hand, makes use of the GamePad’s touch-screen to let you build a giant robot – we’re talking skyscraper building sized. Where you’re done building, the GamePad view switches to the robot’s cockpit where you’ll need to control your creation to victory as you attempt to knock over other robots crashing through the city, while trying to keep the robot’s balance and dish out punches, too.

Now that we know a little more about the games, if you have about forty minutes to carve out of your day you can watch Miyamoto play and explain them both in more depth below:

Shigeru Miyamoto – Introducing Project Giant Robot and Project Guard

What do you think of these new visions for GamePad play? Do you think other developers will take up the call to create Wii U games that make better use of the console’s features?

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