E3 2014: Fiery Alien: Isolation screens and trailer get genuinely creepy with synthetic death stare

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Luigi isn’t the only videogame character who can pull off a mean and steely death stare, able to send chills down even the most sturdy spine. As it turns out, synthetic humans in Alien: Isolation wouldn’t back down from a challenge from Mario Kart’s cold-as-ice racer, and they might even win, too.


Arriving in October across Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, Creative Assembly’s first crack at a first-person action game looks very special indeed, and might just be what true Alien movie fans have wanted all along: An intimate, solo and altogether terrifying tour through the rich universe brought to life by Ridley Scott all those years ago.

It won’t just be a single Xenomorph hunting you down during your time aboard the sprawling Sevastopol space station, though, because you’ll have at least one very determined synthetic to deal with, along with stranded and potentially hostile humans trying to survive day-by-day.

You’ll need to put your tools, crafting abilities and a handy flamethrower to good use to make it out alive…

Alien: Isolation ‘Surive’ E3 Gameplay Trailer

Alien: Isolation – Screenshots

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