E3 2014: Debut Homefront: The Revolution gameplay footage reveals an oppressive, and impressive, world

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Crytek is arguably known first and foremost as a technical studio, able to craft jaw-dropping worlds using a combination of programming wizardry and exceptional artistry to deliver some of the best looking games on any platform the teams set their mind on.

Of course Crytek makes games that are fun to play, too, but while watching the debut gameplay footage for Homefront: The Revolution, the studio’s fame as a creator of visual tour de force games comes to mind immediately.


Again, that’s not to say there aren’t some interesting gameplay elements in 2015’s Homefront, because over the course of the nine minute demo we get to learn about item crafting, approaching obstacles in clever (and explosive) ways, underlying systems that will strengthen your resistance against the villainous Korean People’s Army, and the clever use of mobile phone technology to help you along.

We’re sure you’ll agree, though, that with Homefront: The Revolution, Crytek will once again stomp its authority as a studio that knows how to make a visually impressive game.

Enjoy the demo below, and get the first details on the game over here with word on four-player co-operative play and more:

Homefront: The Revolution – E3 2014 Demo

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