E3 2014: Code Name: STEAM for 3DS combines Intelligent Systems ingenuity with XCOM

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By the end of Nintendo’s E3 2014 digital event the publisher had revealed a convincing line-up of Wii U games, with a few nods to the 3DS… but not too many.

By the end of E3 proper, however, Nintendo had revealed a brand new 3DS game in a surprisingly low key announcement, especially considering it’s in the works at legendary developer Intelligent Systems.

So despite Nintendo’s best efforts to not make a big deal about it, let’s take a moment to learn about Code Name: STEAM, a third-person turn-based strategy game for 3DS – words that seemingly don’t all go together at first blush.


The premise of Code Name: STEAM is based on the existence of an elite team of steam-powered special forces soldiers, known as S.T.E.A.M., who must band together to save the world from an alien invasion. Before each mission, you’ll need to select the right combination of four team members with the best load-out of equipment and weapons, and then send them into battle.

So far, kinda XCOM.

From the looks of the screenshots and the debut gameplay demonstration, however, Code Name: STEAM is played from the third-person and includes action elements, with steam-powered gadgets determining how many actions you can take, and how far you can move per turn as you decide to attack, take cover or set up ambushes for enemies.

Also, it just so happens that the S.T.E.A.M. organisation was set up by Abraham Lincoln. Was XCOM founded by Abraham Lincoln? Didn’t think so.

Watch the debut gameplay footage for 2015’s Code Name: STEAM and catch the first screenshots for the game below:

Code Name: S.T.E.A.M. Roundtable Announcement

Code Name: STEAM – E3 2014 Screenshots

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