E3 2014: Splatoon splashes onto Wii U in 2015 with colourful, competitive chaos

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In amongst a raft of new game announcements and shiny showings of known titles, Nintendo brought a breath of fresh air to its E3 2014 livestream with the reveal of Splatoon, a team-based competitive shooter on Wii U that uses colourful chaos to bring something extremely unique to the console.


Launching on Wii U in the first half of 2015, at its core Splatoon is a third-person action shooter that puts you into four-versus-four competitive matches against friends and enemies online.

Teams will need to claim territory for themselves by splattering ink over as much surface area of the winding arenas as they can, with the ability to more quickly traverse areas of the map that are covered in your team’s colours, including walls.

Then, you can turn yourself into a squid to dive into your team’s ink and gain ground between you and your enemies. It’s looking terrific:

Splatoon – E3 2014 Announcement Trailer

Splatoon – Screenshots

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