E3 2014: Final Fantasy VII G-Bike brings free-to-play motorcycle chase action to mobile platforms

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One of the most iconic gameplay sequences in Final Fantasy VII occurs when Cloud and friends are escaping Midgar using vehicles borrowed from the Shinra headquarters. This sequence also forms the basis of a motorcycle chase mini-game offered at FFVII’s Gold Saucer amusement park and arcade later in the game.

With this in mind, Square Enix has announced a new free-to-play title for iOS and Android devices called Final Fantasy VII G-Bike that builds on the foundations established during this memorable section of gameplay. The game will feature bosses, enemies and Cloud’s fighting techniques from FFVII as well as weapon customisation and item collection.

Final Fantasy VII G-Bike will be released this autumn in Japan and at a later stage in the West. Square Enix says that it’s also interested in bringing other Gold Saucer mini-games to mobile devices in the future. Perhaps Chocobo rearing and racing will be next?

Here’s the debut trailer for Final Fantasy VII G-Bike showcasing the game’s good looks and how players must evade obstacles and fight enemies at high speeds in order to complete each course:

Which Gold Saucer mini-game do you remember most fondly? Let us know in the comments.

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