E3 2014: PlayStation TV headed West later this year

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One of the more interesting announcements during Sony’s E3 press conference was that its micro-console PlayStation TV (called PS Vita TV in Japan) will be released in North America and European territories sometime later this year. The device was launched in Japan on November 14th last year and typically sells a paltry 1 000 units or so a week based on Media Create’s data.

PlayStation TV will cost $99.99 when it goes on sale in the US and there’s also the option to buy it bundled with a DualShock 3 for $139.99.

The micro-console can also be played using a DualShock 4 and performs a variety of functions. These include playing PSone Classics, PSP titles and compatible PS Vita games, streaming PS3 titles via PlayStation Now, or streaming PS4 games and content to a second TV in your home via Remote Play.

PlayStation TV announcement during Sony’s E3 press conference

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