E3 2014: Star Fox Wii U confirmed as new Miyamoto projects are revealed

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If you watched Nintendo’s E3 2014 livestream all the way to the end, you would have seen the legendary Shigeru Miyamoto make an appearance while playing something that looked an awful lot like Star Fox, waving the Wii U GamePad back and forth to guide a flying ship of some kind with accelerometer controls.

The screen was (poorly) blurred out, but it’s been confirmed that Miyamoto is working on a new Star Fox game, due out in 2015 for Wii U.


According to a report on IGN, Star Fox Wii U (not the final name) will let you use the GamePad as a first-person cockpit inside the awesome Arwing ship, with a helicopter vehicle and ‘Landmaster tank’ transformation mode available, too.

According to IGN, Miyamoto is also working on two new Nintendo projects, ‘Project Giant Robot’ and ‘Project Guard,’ the first of which will see you building robots which then battle as you use buttons and gestures to knock opponents over and win. Project Guard, on the other hand, gives players twelve cameras in the game to ‘observe and attack’ as you fight off an invasion of robots.

Robots seem to be on Miyamoto’s brain lately. Has he been getting into hobbiest robotics?

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Source: IGN

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