Sunset Overdrive, Destiny and more to use extra Xbox One GPU power

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What could game developers do with an extra ten percent graphics processing power on Xbox One?

That’s a question that studios will need to start thinking about in the future with the arrival of an update to their Xbox One software development kits this month.

Xbox One March Update

Last week, Xbox boss Phil Spencer revealed that game developers would soon have access to an updated SDK that would essentially free up ten percent of the graphical processing power of the Xbox One – power that was previously reserved for Kinect processing. While unplugging your Kinect won’t do anything to improve the horsepower of Xbox One right now, future games will be able to take advantage of the extra oomph without you having to touch a thing.

According to Phil Spencer, and during an interview with Xbox frontman Major Nelson, developers including Insomniac Games (currently working on Sunset Overdrive), Bungie (chipping away at Destiny) and more will be taking advantage of this extra ten percent power boost. Spencer explained:

“They are going to use the increased capabilities that lowering the reserve will have to actually make a more vibrant and more alive gameplay space. Even our friends at Bungie…they are going to up the resolution of Destiny based on this change.”

Don’t expect games to automatically benefit from the freed up resources, however, because game developers will need to manually – on a game by game basis – put in the work to reap the rewards, but this boost could be just the thing they need to bring Xbox One games to parity with PlayStation 4.

What are the first games of 2014 that you think will be able to take advantage of the extra Xbox One GPU power? Would you like to see developers go back and tweak older Xbox One games to benefit from the additional resources?

Source: The Major Nelson Podcast via Examiner

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