Just so we’re clear… The Last Guardian has not been cancelled, OK?

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“The Last Guardian Cancelled”

That was the headline that appeared on IGN over the weekend, with the report citing a source in Russia that was supposedly privy to information discussed during a recent internal meeting at Sony.

What does Sony have to say about the matter? Is “The Last Guardian Cancelled”?

The Last Guardian Screenshot 5

Referencing the article on IGN, the PlayStation software product development head for Sony Worldwide Studios America, Scott Rohde, tweeted:

For someone who would know, this is a pretty definitive statement. The Last Guardian has not been cancelled, alright?

Following up on that tweet, Geoff ‘The Dean’ Keighley wrote on Twitter that he had discovered his own source of information regarding the health of The Last Guardian:

So are we clear? The Last Guardian has not been cancelled, OK?

We first heard about The Last Guardian at E3 2009 and many moons ago, with reports and rumours consistently appearing over the years regarding whether or not the game is still in development, while speculation over the game’s move to the PlayStation 4 has also been popular.

We last heard about the game with another report claiming that we might see a release date for Team Ico’s glorious looking adventure game in the near future.

Could we see The Last Guardian at E3 2014 this week? We sure hope so!

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