El33t’s Pre-W33kend Post: ‘Twas the weekend before E3…

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So here we are. The weekend before E3 2014

What games and announcements await us on June 9th when all of the big guns destroy stages across LA central during their respective press conferences? What new details can we expect when the show kicks off proper from June 10th before wrapping up on the 12th?

With all of the reveals leading up to the show, we’re hoping there are still new games to announce at all! We’re getting ready for the show by relaxing this weekend, so find out what members of El33tonline will be up to over the next two days, and let us know what you may have planned, too…

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“This weekend I’ll be catching up on some movies and watching the Springboks take on the World XV tomorrow evening. I’d also like to play a bit more Strider on PS4 and perhaps have a game or two of Trine 2: Complete Story and Watch Dogs.

Tomorrow afternoon I’ll be visiting some friends for a game of Wizard and taking my wife out to a local Portuguese restaurant to celebrate the end of her exams.

Corrie is also launching her new cupcake business this weekend so we’re looking forward to seeing what kind of initial response “Sweet Little Temptations” will get.

Have a great break everyone!”



“I am really amped for this weekend.

I have an interesting new game to review and, from the trailer it looks pretty awesome. Tomorrow is DBN Gamers and I am really looking forward to catching up with everyone again. Looking forward to some international rugby action as well. Games that will be played include the aforementioned Bound By Flame, Diablo 3 and maybe some classics to start expanding my girlfriend’s gaming experience.

Have a good one everyone.”



“It is Retro Friday! Yippee.

Lets start the w33kend off with a bang. First up it is Battlefield 3 Friday. Yes, tonight will be a Classic BF3 Friday, calling all BF3 Friday Veterans back to action.

Tomorrow I will do some running in the morning and then fit in a co-op session of Aliens Colonial Marines and then it is DBNGamers time again, wooooo. Then in the evening it will be more Alien being killed. Sunday is all about F1 again and then there will be some washing of the car and then some more gaming. Remember to play an old game today, can be anything from a DOS game to a game that is older than 4 years.

Have fun this w33kend and stay safe everyone. See you on the Battlefield.”



“It’s a crazy start to the weekend with my wife and I upturning our home and building makeshift barricades to trap a pesky rat that wandered into our home from the cold. After many hours of moving things about and trying to coax it out from under a massive chest of drawers it was revealed to be nothing more than a little field mouse (the rabid-eyed, foaming-mouth, killer variety mind you).

A strange omen for the weekend ahead, perhaps. I do not foresee much gaming owing to the cleaning up of the upturned home and the babysitting of my kidlings. However, if time permits, perhaps a little bit of Dead Rising 2 co-op with my buddy Oltman or a bit of LEGO: The Hobbit with my wife!

I hear BF3 is making a comeback tonight so if my downloads are up to date I may venture on and steal a few tags.

There’s DBN Gamers tomorrow but alas I have already committed to giving my wife a break so I am probably not going to make an appearance. Try to have some fun without me though!”



“After spending time unlocking new tracks and karts in Mario Kart 8 singleplayer, I’ve recently discovered the online races are really fun too so I will definitely be jumping in again this weekend.

“There’s also more Wolfenstein on the cards, and hopefully lots of time relaxing with the little one and Wayne. Keep warm p33ps, and if you head to the snow keep an eye open, you may just spot a familiar face!”


What gaming plans do you have this weekend? Any other important events and activities on the cards?