The rumoured PS4 and PS Vita bundle is real, says Sony

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Following a quick round of reports and the appearance of the package on Amazon France, Sony has confirmed that an upcoming bundle that includes both a PlayStation 4 and PS Vita in one box is a real offering.


Speaking to Eurogamer, a Sony spokesperson said:

“The availability of the PS4 / PS Vita bundle will be determined and announced on a regional basis.”

The original listing on Amazon France put the price of the PS4 and PS Vita bundle down at 579.99 Euro / £470, with a release date of July 4th. Considering the price of the PS4 is £350 and the PS Vita is roughly £150, it seems you would be paying more for the bundle as opposed to getting the consoles separately, but this price might change.

Would you buy a PS4 and PS Vita bundle if the price was right?

Source: Eurogamer

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