The next game from Burnout developer Criterion, and nearly six other EA projects, will be at E3 next week

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The last we heard of Criterion Games was that the studio’s co-founders had left to start a new company, but before that one of the selfsame co-founders, Alex Ward, had assured fans that despite Criterion’s reduced status as a 15-person studio, it was still in “fine form.”

And prior to that? As new Need For Speed franchise steward Ghost Games claimed many of Criterion’s developers to continue work on the racer, Alex Ward had revealed that the studio was working on “something new,” but we never did find out what that project was.

Is E3 2014 the time to discover Criterion’s new game?


According to Gametrailers, EA is due to show off almost six new games, in addition to the reveal of “a new project from Criterion Games.”

Updated news on Mirror’s Edge and Dragon Age: Inquisition is also on the cards, while the official showcase of Battlefield: Hardline will feature as part of EA’s showing at E3 2014 next week.

What do you think Criterion has been working on for the last few years? Alex Ward has in the past alluded to the fact that the studio’s next project isn’t a racing game, but with his departure could a new Burnout be possible?

What other EA games will be shown at E3 next week as part of the “nearly half a dozen” set to be shown?

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