OlliOlli crash bug fix rolling out later this month, Cross-Buy confirmed

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OlliOlli developer Roll7 has announced that it’s finally managed to fix the crash bug that plagued the PS Vita release of this addictive skateboarding game. The patch featuring the bug fix is currently with Sony’s QA team and Roll7 expects it to be available to download before June 20th.

The studio also revealed that OlliOlli will support Cross-Buy and Cross-Save when it’s released for PS3 and PS4 sometime during the next few months. This means that if you already own the PS Vita version you can pick up the game on Sony’s other current consoles free of charge and transfer your progress between all three versions.

Finally, Roll7 says that another OlliOlli patch is in the pipeline for June, this time adding fully functional Leaderboards to the game. Apparently this is a feature that the OlliOlli community has been begging for since the game’s launch in January so it’s great to see that the studio has taken this plea to heart.

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Source: PlayStation Blog Europe

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