European PlayStation Store Update for June 4th: PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate, Murdered: Soul Suspect

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This week’s PlayStation Store update features a packed line-up led by no less than six new PS Plus freebies spread across PS4, PS3 and PS Vita. These free games include Double Eleven’s remake PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate for PS4 and PS Vita that features an addictive blend of intense co-op action and elemental puzzles to test both your reaction times and intelligence.

Also out this week is Square Enix’s multi-platform adventure title Murdered: Soul Suspect which tasks you with solving your untimely death as you drift around as a ghost. If you own a PS4 you can also download a demo for EA Sports UFC which features some very impressive character models that look almost photo-realistic from certain camera angles.

You can browse through all this week’s new releases on the PlayStation Blog or directly on the PlayStation Web Store. Here are some highlights from this week’s update:

PlayStation Store Update Highlights

PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection

• PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate (PS4/PS Vita)

• Trine 2: Complete Story (PS4)

• NBA 2K14 (PS3)

• Lone Survivor: The Director’s Cut (PS3/PS Vita)

• Dragon’s Crown (PS Vita)

• Surge Deluxe (PS Vita)

PS4 Games

• Murdered: Soul Suspect (£49.99/€69.99; available from June 6th)

• PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate (£10.25/€11.99; Cross-Buy)

PS3 Games

• Murdered: Soul Suspect (£39.99/€49.99; available from June 6th)

• Don Bradman Cricket 14 (£39.99/€49.99)

• Ultra Street Fighter IV (£11.99/€14.99)

PS Vita Games

• PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate (£10.25/€11.99; Cross-Buy)

• Farming Simulator 14 (£28.49/€34.99)

• PS Vita Pets (£19.99/€24.99)

• Hyperdimension Neptunia: Producing Perfection (£34.99/€39.99; available from June 6th)

• Monster Monpiece (£23.99/€29.99)

PSP Game

• Gradius Collection (£7.99/€9.99)

PS2 Classic

• Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga (£6.49/€7.99)


• EA Sports UFC (PS4)


Pre-E3 Sale

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