PS4 system update 1.71 now available, improves stability and squashes bugs

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The next time you turn on your PS4 you’ll be prompted to download new system software 1.71. The latest firmware update weighs in at 194MB and improves “system software stability during use of some features” according to Sony’s patch notes.

However, DualShockers reports that the new update also squashes some annoying bugs; namely one that deactivated the DualShock 4′s vibration every time the console was turned off or put in standby mode and another that prevented save games from successfully uploading to the cloud for PlayStation Plus users. While these bugs didn’t affect all users, I experienced the latter issue at least twice so it clearly impacted a large percentage of the PlayStation Nation.

Did you experience either (or both) of the two bugs mentioned above? Let us know in the comments.

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