Goat Simulator patch 1.1 out now, whacky trailer reveals new map and co-op mode

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You know, as much as the prospect and promise of Coffee Stain Studios’ Goat Simulator entertained me earlier this year, I felt a bit of a disconnect between the zany trailers and my actual enjoyment of the sandbox game.

Controlling a ragdoll goat, moving through a hilariously fragile world imbued with the twitchiest physics attributes you’ve ever seen and finding all kinds of peculiar hidden easter eggs just didn’t seem enough for my $9.99. The novelty wore off extremely quickly.


With Goat Simulator patch version 1.1, however, I think the value of the game has been increased dramatically. Finally, I can play the game in split-screen with three other people on a brand new map, with new modes including Capture the Flag, Racing and Ragdoll Hockey to try out, along with new goats like Tornado Goat, Shopping Goat, Classy Goat and Repulsive Goat.

While I may never get three other people to crowd around my PC monitor to play the game, my niece will sure get a kick out of it, and you probably will, too.

See what’s new in the game with Goat Simulator patch 1.1 in the video below:

Goat Simulator Patch 1.1 – Official Trailer

Have you played Goat Simulator yet, or have you been holding off because of the price?

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