El33t’s Pre-W33kend Post: Karting the night away

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Today’s the day many a Wii U owner and long-time Nintendo fan have been waiting for: Mario Kart 8 is finally out and about in the world!

Of course, Mario Kart isn’t the only new game in town this week with Watch Dogs due to siphon many hours from many a player this weekend, while last week’s Wolfenstein: The New Order is still on the playlist.

What gaming plans do you have lined up for the weekend? Have you saved up some time to get stuck into a new title or do work and worry await you over the next two days?

While you give that a think, let’s find out what members of El33tonline will be keeping busy with this weekend, a little ways below…

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“It’s Mario Kart 8 launch day and I’m looking forward to unleashing some havoc on the track later when I pick up my copy of the game. My switch from PC to console gaming started with Mario Kart Double Dash on the GameCube, so the series holds a special place in my heart.

When I’m not dropping bananas, sending off blue shells, and powering up on mushrooms, I’ll be continuing the story in Wolfenstein, which continues to surprise me as the story unfolds. Have a good weekend p33ps, see you on the flip side!”



“It’s been a busy week so I’m looking forward to getting some R&R this weekend while watching the Sharks play tomorrow and then taking a short walk to see how the Comrades Marathon runners are doing coming down Cowies Hill on Sunday.

I’m busy playing Soul Sacrifice Delta and Watch Dogs at the moment so I’ll definitely dip into them some more over the break. I’m looking forward to checking out the online features of Watch Dogs properly sometime soon so hopefully I get a chance to do just that over the weekend.

Have a good one p33ps!”



“This weekend is going to be an interesting one. I have a sick kid which means long nights and days of movies and some gaming. Nice and relaxed although this is the first full weekend I am having the boys (the ex and I are trying the 1 weekend on, 1 weekend off thing) so things should be interesting. I might have to undertake some physical activity…

As for gaming, I have Bound By Flame a nice looking demonic RPG but the kids might hog the Xbox this weekend. They have finished Skylanders SwapForce and Lego Movie Videogame so I think they’ll complete Brave and then I might have to go online and purchase something for them.

Other than that – my first Bobble Head has just arrived… Boba Fett so he is menacingly watching me work at the moment. I really can’t afford another addiction though.

Have a good one everyone, live, play and game hard.”



“I have a Lemmings game to review on PS Vita, rugby watching from the KZN Referee’s suite on Saturday, and Comrades to watch on Sunday, and off to the hospital now to get my knee checked out (old rugby injury which has already led to three surgeries). Really not excited about the knee surgery (if it has to happen again) but on the bright side it will mean more time for gaming.”



“Es ist Wochenende immer wieder und das wird ein episches Wochenende. (Translation: It is weekend time again and this is going to be one epic weekend.)

I am so looking forward to this w33kend. Tonight I think I need to get back into Battlefield 4 and then maybe afterwards I will play some more Wolfenstein: The New Order. I will mostly be playing Wolfenstein this weekend as I just can’t get enough of the game. It is pure awesomeness. Will see if I can fit in Godzilla this w33kend at Imax and then play some more games.

Have an awesome weekend everyone and stay safe. See you all online.”



“I’ll be heading down the coast for a minute to meet a new addition to the family, but before then I’m going to be diving headlong into Watch Dogs after taking a few curious peeks over the last few days.

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!”


What are your gaming plans this weekend, p33ps?

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