New Minecraft PS3 Edition patch 1.06 available now, here’s what’s fixed

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Last week saw the release of the latest title update for Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition, bringing with it a host of fixes, but developer 4J Studios has recently sent out the latest set of fixes with a Minecraft PS3 Edition patch for PlayStation 3 players to bring the game up to date, too.


The list of fixes is relatively similar to the Xbox 360 Edition, save for a few extras like addressing voice chat. See if you can spot the differences with the full Minecraft PS3 Edition patch notes below:

Minecraft PS3 Edition patch Notes


– Added Candy Texture Pack
– Added Natural Texture Pack
– Added Skin Pack 2
– Added Battle & Beasts Skin Pack 2


– More voice chat fixes.
– Fix for players going invisible after death (on respawning).
– Fix for players going invisible when two players go through a nether gate at the same time.
– Fix for players sometimes being invisible after teleporting until either they move, or the player that sees them as invisible moves.
– Fix for Noteblock pitch being wrong – more noticeable when chords are played.
– Fix for Mobs dying in walls (happens for baby mobs after they become adults).
– Fix for chunks not loading in maps – tends to be specific seeds.
– Fixed streaming music not playing after a playing CD has been ejected from a jukebox
– Fix for player being able to attach Signs to the Chest with a block placed above it.
– Fix for player being able to breed wild Ocelots.
– Fix for player being able to breed Ocelot with Cat.
– Fix for tame wolves being removed if no players were near them when they were angry.
– Fix for Potion of Night Vision corrupts the game’s UI while player is falling into the Void in the End.
– Fix for the damage decals flickering and/or not present if players are not close to each other in Survival Mode in a local splitscreen game.
– Fix for damage decals not displaying in splitscreen if the secondary player is 30 + blocks away from the primary player
– Fixed lava drip particles being too dark/black
– Fix for sitting wolves (or stationary entities) not being immediately visible if a remote player spawns next to them, or spawns far away and quickly heads towards them
– Fix for Leather Armour not displaying the enchantment glow.
– Fix for Enchanted item in hand effect being wrong.
– Fix for blocks placed at Y 128 being black on top.

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