Dragon Quest VIII lands on iOS App Store tomorrow

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When Dragon Quest VIII was released for mobile devices in Japan last December there was some uncertainty as to whether this port would ever make its way West. However, earlier this year Square Enix filed a new trademark for the game’s subtitle “Journey of the Cursed King” and now Dragon Quest VIII has quietly appeared on the New Zealand iOS App Store meaning it will be out everywhere else by tomorrow.

The mobile port features a new portrait presentation and has been optimised for one-handed play. The app weighs in at 1.39GB and will run as the developer intended on iPhone 5 and iPad 3rd Generation or higher. Meanwhile, Dragon Quest VIII will have a premium price point of £13.99/$19.99 when it launches around the world tomorrow, with no in-app purchases in sight.

Are there any other Square Enix RPGs that you’d love to play on your smartphone or tablet? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Pocket Gamer

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