State of Decay Lifeline DLC is out this week, latest trailer reveals the new city

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When can we expect the second long-in-development add-on for Undead Labs’ massively popular open-world survival horror game?

The team has announced that the anticipated State of Decay Lifeline DLC will be out this week starting May 30th… if everything goes according to plan, that is.


Featuring a new city, a new group of (military) survivors and more ways to cause chaos to get through the event alive, the State of Decay Lifeline DLC will be priced at $6.99 as an add-on to the original State of Decay on Xbox 360, and if Undead Labs has its way, the content will be available on May 30th, but there are some snags. The team wrote:

“If all goes well, this may be the first time in gaming history that a game was released before the official public target. It’s a long story, best told over copious quantities of frosty beverages, but the short version is that both the Undead Labs team and the crew at Microsoft has been burning the midnight oil to make this happen before State of Decay celebrates its first birthday.”

Accompanying the DLC will be a free patch that includes ‘Rucks in Trucks,’ basically a way to store a bag full of collected items in the back of your vehicle (which previously wasn’t possible).

For now, you can enjoy an overview trailer for State of Decay Lifeline DLC below:

State of Decay Lifeline DLC – Release Trailer

Are you still playing State of Decay, or have you moved on to something else to get your zombie destruction simulation kicks?

Source: Undead Labs

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