PlayStation will also enter the Chinese games market with consoles and software

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The next great frontier for the world of gaming is China, it seems, because Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony are all clamouring to claim a slice of the Chinese games market, estimated to be worth a whopping $17.6 billion in 2014.

Now that the videogame console ban has been lifted in China (but with games sold in the region subject to strict content guidelines) both Microsoft and Nintendo have confirmed intentions to release their consoles in China.


Different Strats For Different Stats

As Microsoft readies its Xbox One for release in the region, and Nintendo plans to launch less expensive gaming hardware suitable for the lower income Chinese market, Sony Computer Entertainment has confirmed its partnership with the Shanghai Oriental Pearl group to distribute PlayStation consoles and games in China.

While exact details on the sale of PlayStation products haven’t been announced yet, it is known that SCE and Shanghai Oriental Pearl will operate two joint ventures, one dealing with consoles and the other software.

One of the ventures has registered capital of ten million yuan ($1.60 million) with Shanghai Oriental Pearl claiming a 51 percent stake in this venture, while the other has registered capital of 43.8 million yuan (roughly $7 million), with Sony taking a 70 percent majority stake.

Competition for the gamers of China seems to be hotting up at an incredible pace. Which strategy do you think will work, though? Can the Xbox One hope to succeed at a high price point, compared to less expensive offerings from Nintendo? Will SCE release a new model of the PlayStation 3 as a lower cost gaming option in the region?

Whatever the case, these three companies will be very keen to get a foothold in the Chinese games market to bring their products to an as-yet untapped revenue source.

Source: Reuters

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