New Sea Green 2DS model announced for North America

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Nintendo has announced that a new ‘Sea Green’ 2DS model will be available in North America from June 6th for the handheld’s standard price of $129.99. The model’s launch coincides with the release of Nintendo’s new 3DS/2DS exclusive Tomodachi Life which is also out on June 6th.

The new 2DS model is described as having a “white front and back with sea green accents on the directional pad, face buttons and stylus”, with the handheld’s edges also sporting the new colour.

The Sea Green 2DS joins the red and blue colour options which have been available from when the console was initially released last October. A Peach Pink 2DS was also released alongside Disney Magical World as a GameStop exclusive.

Have you had a chance to play on a 2DS yet? If so, how does the experience compare to using a 3DS? Let us know in the comments.

Source: IGN

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