El33t’s Pre-W33kend Post: The Wolf of Weekend Street

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“The week is nearly done,
And it’s time to have some fun!
Our worries will be none,
Well, except for some…

There are lots of games to play,
So bid farewell to Friday,
And let’s all hope and pray,
The weekend is here to stay!”

Poor attempt…

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“Wayne has been captivated by the new Wolfenstein so I’m hoping to check that out over the next two days. I’m also hoping to watch a few movies, eat some cake, and enjoy some time in the great outdoors with the family. Just one week left until the rubber will burn in Mario Kart 8!”



“This w33kend will be all about family for me.

Last w33kend it didn’t really go as planned for us. But all is going great again. So this w33kend I will mostly be relaxing, spending time with my son and daughter aka spoiling them rotten (like only dads know how.)

Gaming wise, it will be bit of slow one for me. I will try and get some Wolfenstein The New Order in and then maybe finish off Rain. Rest of the weekend will just be filled with some movie watching and if the weather behaves, I might light up the braai and enjoy some great food.

Have a great w33kend everyone. Enjoy it to the fullest. See you online maybe. Stay Safe.”



“This weekend I’ll be going up to Martizburg to visit my grandma again and knuckling down with a couple of games I need to review. I’m also looking forward to playing some more Transistor since at times it brings to mind what a Final Fantasy VII HD remake could look like.

I’m busy editing a friend’s book draft that he wants to distribute through Amazon so I’ll take it with to Maritzburg and hopefully complete my edit by the end of the weekend.

Have a great break everyone!”



“So last week I picked two matches right on Superbru (one was of course the Sharks, best game ever) and I moved up in all of my pools! How weird. Anyway, today / this morning is the Sharks game and then tonight will be work, Saturday will be babysitting, and maybe Saturday night will be FTL: Advanced Edition or LEGO: The Hobbit.

Apart from that, it’s business-as-usual for this husband and father so very little time for gaming.

An old rugby injury is knocking on the door again and I have to get my knee checked out (hoping to keep my surgery count to just three, thank you) so that will be nursed with care and affection this weekend provided my son doesn’t do his Juggernaut impression again!”



“This weekend is going to be awesome!

Tonight is curry night and then maybe Battlefield 4. Tomorrow is Diablo 3 with a nice anniversary tea in the afternoon (whoa – sounds very civilised). Saturday night I have my boys and much fun will be had. I think the boys will be able to finish Lego Movie Videogame this weekend and they are enjoying Brave.

Big braai planned on Sunday and am looking forward to that as well. Going to be awesome.

Hope everyone has loads of fun and relaxation. Goooooo Sharks!”



“This week welcomed the release of two of my most anticipated games of the year, but I’ve unfortunately hardly touched either Wolfenstein or Transistor so this weekend I’ll be making amends.

Other than that? I don’t think there’ll be any ‘other than that’ but maybe some surprises are in store. Enjoy the weekend everybody, it comes but once a week.”

What are your gaming plans this weekend? Any ambitions for watching some of the fantastic movies that are doing the rounds lately?