If you have a PS4 and a smartphone, you can play the next SingStar game this year

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SingStar marks its tenth anniversary this year, and after twenty-six million copies sold what better way to celebrate than with a new entry to the long-running music game series?

That was a trick question. There is no better way to celebrate such an achievement.

Lets find out about the next SingStar game, Ultimate Party for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3.


The next SingStar includes an incredibly innovative feature in the use of a free to download companion app for iOS and Android smartphones, which turns your chosen device into a microphone for use in the game meaning you won’t have to rely wired or wireless microphones as in previous SingStar games.

Singstar: Ultimate Party will include thirty tracks on a compilation disc for PS3 and PS4, while the latter console will boast a few special features like the ability to share gameplay moments on Twitter and Facebook and challenge friends on the leaderboards.

The augmented reality capabilities of the PS4 camera can also be used to decorate your room and wear ‘AR masks’ so players can “adopt their favourite music personas.” Could be cool, but will be creepy. And if you get tired of the selection of songs on the disc, you’ll be able to get more tracks on the online SingStore, too.

Check out the debut trailer for the next SingStar below and let us know if you’ll be rocking your own parties in the living room this year:

The Next SingStar – Ultimate Party Trailer

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