El33t’s Question of the Day: What’s the first game you thought had photo realistic graphics?

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El33tonline Question of the Day

When is the first time a game truly blew you away with its graphics?

Videogame visuals have come a long way since the days of dungeons and dragons being represented by letters and numbers, all the way to today with multi-million polygon models and layers of shaders to realistically recreate people, plants and objects in the virtual world.

When is the first time you thought, even for a brief second, that the game you were looking at was ‘photo realistic?’

Half-Life and Unreal had very cinematic moments, but for me it was Doom 3 that fooled my brain into thinking I was looking at something ‘real’ – for a few split-seconds, but the effect was dramatic.

What about you? Which games have truly impressed you with their graphics over the years?

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