Will Destiny rewrite the rule book for first-person shooters? Bungie sure hopes so

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As Activision places a $500 million bet on a franchise designed to last ten years, and as Bungie continues to work on the first game in the series that’s already taken half a decade to come to fruition, do you think Destiny will ‘rewrite the FPS rule book’ as the latest trailer claims?


This ground has been covered before in games like Borderlands, but Bungie is hoping to extend the idea of what a co-operative online shooter can be, and after gradually introducing you to the world that the team has created, will slowly peel back the layers and reveal the scope of this romp through our known galaxy… and perhaps even beyond.

Watch developers get excited about their game in the latest Destiny trailer below:

Destiny – ‘Everything You Need to Know’ Trailer

Destiny launches across PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on September 9th. Are you ready for Bungie’s new adventure?

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