Would you buy a game that blends Road Rash and arcade racing? Rage Ride might be for you

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The Road Rash action racing series seems to be one that is much beloved in the gaming community, but one that rights holder EA has kept buried and untouched in its vault of intellectual property for well over a decade.

Reports surface from time to time telling tale of some or other brave (and probably naive) EA designer who desperately wishes to bring the franchise back, but it met with a stern-faced executive who soundlessly mouths the word ‘No.’

What if Road Rash could make a comeback, but in a different form? And under a different name and without the Negative Nancy attitude of EA’s higher ups?


– In this dramatic recreation, developer Nick Baynes shoves EA off of its bike.

That’s (more or less) what Nick Baynes of IronFist Games has set out to do. With 22 years of experience in the games industry (including a stint as game director on Split/Second), and more developers on board with experience working on games like Pure, MotoGP and Re-Volt, Baynes is aiming to make a new action racing game called Rage Ride.

The aim of Rage Ride is to get players into a race and having fun as soon as possible, and with various bikes at your disposal and weapons including baseball bats, chains, fire arms, flame throwers and remote explosives, it’ll be up to you to cross the finish line first in one piece.

The design of Rage Ride is still to be nailed down, which is where the community and Kickstarter come in. Ironfist will be actively soliciting ideas for direction on the game so you can feed the team your input, and there’s even a plan in place to credit content created by the community for the full PC version of the game when (if?) it makes it to consoles. Get the details on that in the full Kickstarter video below:

Rage Ride – Kickstarter Video

Ironfist Games is asking for £125 000 to help create Rage Ride, but unfortunately it’s not looking too good for the team as only £721 has been raised with 16 days to go.

Will you help Kickstart Rage Ride and bring back a classic game genre?

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