Transistor launch trailer casts a sombre shadow, Recursion mode detailed

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If you’re a fan of Supergiant Games’ debut title Bastion then chances are the developer’s new release Transistor will be right up your street. This sci-fi action RPG was created by essentially the same team as Bastion and shares its distinctive isometric visual style along with its earnest brand of storytelling.

The studio recently unveiled a moody launch trailer for Transistor and provided first details of the game’s Recursion mode. This mode is essentially the same as New Game+ and is unlocked after you finish Transistor’s story. You’ll be able to retain your progression data (including your User Level and all the Transistor functions you’ve unlocked) for your second playthrough, and the composition of enemy forces will be different so you can experiment with new combinations and play styles for a unique gameplay experience.

Here’s the launch trailer:

Transistor will be released for PS4 and PC tomorrow, May 20th via digital channels. Head over here for El33tonline’s previous coverage of this intriguing action RPG which includes our recent preview.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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