Major Rayman Fiesta Run update now available, adds new levels, costumes and more

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If you haven’t played Ubisoft’s excellent auto-runner platformer Rayman Fiesta Run in a while then the release of a major new update should be all the incentive you need to fire up the game once more.

The latest patch is now available to download on the iOS App Store and the Amazon App Store, and will be released later today on the Google Play Store. The update adds a new Candy World featuring sixteen levels (complete with a challenging new boss) along with three new costumes and two new power-ups – one allowing you to respawn after death and the other serving as a magnet to attract Lums.

Another new feature of the update is the new Nightmare mode which tasks players with achieving perfect runs through thirty-six Invaded levels without dying once.

Here’s a trailer showcasing some of the contents of this free update:

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