El33t’s Pre-W33kend Post: Back to reality… with Princesses, Puppeteers and Mario parties

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It’s the first week in a few that South Africa hasn’t had a public holiday or two to break things up, so the arrival of Friday today is a sight for sore eyes… literally. Like, they’re burning. A doctor might be required. That kind of sore, you know?

In any event, as has been dictated by calendar makers for centuries, Friday is naturally followed by Saturday and Sunday, commonly referred to in group form as ‘The Weekend.’ A time of rest and relaxation… at least for a few members of society, that is.

What are members of El33tonline going to be busy with this weekend? Find out below and be sure to let us know what you’ve got planned, too…

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“I have a feeling that this weekend is going to fly by because there’s quite a lot happening. Tomorrow I’m going with my wife for a beach walk and dinner at Gateway, and in the morning I’ll do some household chores and keep one eye on the rugby match between the Sharks and Crusaders. Should be an epic clash!

I’m just three levels away from finishing Puppeteer so really looking forward to getting another PS3 exclusive done and dusted. If you haven’t had a chance to play it yet but it’s sitting in your download queue thanks to PlayStation Plus then please give it a whirl – you won’t be disappointed!

I hope you all have a great time this weekend p33ps!”

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“This w33kend I will be visiting my parents as I haven’t seen them in some time. So gaming might not be as much this w33kend as normal. I will most be playing mobile games and maybe some Xbox games. Depends if the Xbox will make the journey with us this afternoon.

So stay safe this w33kend and enjoy. Time is precious, so enjoy every second you get. See you online, maybe.”



“Eish. Been sick again – kids sick, wife sick, me sick. It’s a sickly cycle. Finally recovered (until next month, I fear).

For the first time in like, forever, I am going to watch the rugby live with some mates (they’re brave enough to invite me with my kids) and then I’ll do my best to get in some quality time with my wife playing LEGO: The Hobbit. That game is rocking – LEGO has outdone themselves with this one!

Besides that, who knows what to expect? A friendly surprise visit by someone to drop off a free meal? I win a grandslam on Superbru? Some awesome zombie game to review? Who knows…”



“Extra, extra, read all about it! This weekend I finally get to play Mario Kart 8! Woohoo! In addition to knocking fellow racers off their karts with blue shells and slippery banana peels, I’ve got a princess party to attend with my little girl and hopefully a braai with mates too.

Have a good one p33ps!”



“I went and bought the latest Tex Murphy adventure game last week but I’m yet to start it up, so that’s on my agenda this weekend, and Tom has inspired me to take another crack at Puppeteer. I enjoyed what I played last year, but the game somehow slipped through the cracks, caverns and canyons of time.

The games I’m really looking forward to, though, are out next week with Wolfenstein and Transistor – a good week of gaming right there.

Everything else is up in the air at the moment, so I’m looking forward to seeing where it all falls. Have a great weekend everybody!”


What are your gaming and entertainment plans for the next two days? Let us know below!