Jetpacks teased for Killzone Shadow Fall

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With the release of the third free multiplayer map for Killzone Shadow Fall yesterday (check it out with a trailer and screenshots over here), the team at Guerrilla Games have something else cooking at the studio for fans of the game.

Killzone: Shadow Fall Banner

The official Killzone Twitter account sent out a tweet yesterday with a Vine video teasing the imminent announcement of a new addition to Killzone Shadow Fall multiplayer – a jetpack.

The announcement is due to be made tomorrow, May 16th, but for now you can enjoy the brief teaser clip below:

How do you think the addition of a jetpack into Shadow Fall multiplayer will affect the matches? Will Guerrilla have to create new maps to accommodate the extra movement capabilities afforded by the new equipment?

Do you think it’s a good idea to add jetpacks to the mix?

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