Interceptor and 3D Realms announce Bombshell with a very awkward trailer

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In the wake of a lawsuit and ahead of future legal wranglings with Gearbox over the ownership of the Duke Nukem intellectual property, developer Interceptor Entertainment and (publisher?) 3D Realms have announced Bombshell, a top-down action RPG that could very well be a repurposed version of what the pair’s Duke Nukem: Mass Destruction could have become.


Described as “an isometric action role-playing game,” the game stars Shelly ‘Bombshell’ Harrison, a bomb disposal specialist in a former life who has turned to taking on mercenary jobs to pay the bills, using a robotic arm (no doubt from a job gone wrong) and a massive arsenal of weaponry to work through four planets to destroy her enemies and finally rescue the president (which president?) from aliens.

“With out-of-this-world enemies, a never-before-seen arsenal of devastating weaponry and a host of genre-crossing mechanics, Bombshell is set to blow you away,” reads the announcement text.

Catch the debut trailer and screenshots for the game below:

Bombshell Reveal Trailer

Bombshell – Screenshots

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Bombshell is at the moment only planned for release in 2015 on PC and PlayStation 4.

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