Superhot! Superhot! Superhot! Innovative time-bending shooter takes to Kickstarter

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Have you had a chance to play the prototype for the innovative time-bending first-person shooter, Superhot?

Made during a seven day game development challenge, the Polish Superhot Team created something rather extraordinary in the form of Superhot, a minimalistic FPS where time moves forward only when you move, resulting in Matrix-esque slow-mo shoot-outs with starkly red enemies in view and bullet trails slicing up the screen.

Have you still not played the Superhot prototype?


To move the game beyond the prototype phase, the development team has taken the concept to crowd-funding site Kickstarter to ask for a total of $100 000 to help fund the development of the full game.

The game is also looking a bit more detailed since the release of the prototype – check it out in action with a new trailer below:

Superhot Trailer

What do you think? Will you be kicking in a few points of your own personal currency to contribute to the development of the game?

And… have you still not played the prototype?

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