Several new Miyamoto-directed Wii U games to be showcased at E3 2014, says Iwata

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Anyone hoping for Nintendo to make a big splash at E3 2014 next month may just get their wish.

During an investor question and answer session following the announcement of Nintendo’s most recent quarterly financial results, president Satoru Iwata says we can look forward to several “unique experiences only made possible with the Wii U GamePad,” to be revealed at the show.


What makes these games special? They’re being directed, at least in part, by Nintendo’s perennial hit maker Shigeru Miyamoto. Speaking during the Q&A session, Iwata said:

“Also, our internal software development teams directed by Shigeru Miyamoto (Senior Managing Director and General Manager of Entertainment Analysis & Development Division) are committed to developing several titles that focus on offering unique experiences only made possible with the Wii U GamePad in order for a large number of people to understand the Wii U GamePad’s significance.

“The titles we are preparing to show you at E3 vary from being nearly complete to still in the early phases of development but with the core of its appeal noticeable. Therefore, our strategy of focusing on software has not changed.”

What do you think Miyamoto and co. at Nintendo have planned to reveal at E3 in June? A new Mario game? A new Zelda game? Or something completely new?

We’ll definitely find out when the show begins on June 10th, and runs until the end of June 12th.

Source: Nintendo via Mike Rose on Twitter

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