BlazBlue spin-off XBlaze Code: Embryo receiving English demo later today

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If you’re a fan of visual novels then be sure to check out the demo for BlazBlue spin-off XBlaze Code: Embryo which will be available from the US PlayStation Store later today. The game will be released on both PS3 and PS Vita on June 24th, and thankfully today’s sample covers both platforms.

XBlaze Code: Embryo takes place almost two centuries before the events of BlazBlue and tells the story of a high school sophomore named Touya Kagari and his transformation from an unremarkable teenager to a key cog in a widescale tussle for control over the power responsible for the creation of the universe.

The game utilises a cinematic presentation featuring lip synching, shifting camera angles and other techniques to make it more akin to an anime TV show or movie. XBlaze Code: Embryo also includes a branching story made possible by the in-game TOi system which recommends different articles and blog posts based on what other characters in the game are reading.

XBlaze Code: Embryo features Japanese voice-overs with English text and will be available in both physical and digital formats when it’s released for PS3 and PS Vita next month.

Will you be downloading XBlaze Code: Embryo’s demo later today? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Siliconera

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