What the heck is Vizioneck? Mysterious trailer reveals black and white secrets

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Just what in the world is Vizioneck?

Not only is it a company, it’s also a PlayStation 4 game that aims to deliver “a one of a kind FPS experience.”


Founded in August of 2013, the primary goal of Vizoneck (the company) is to create unique, innovative games, and judging by the debut trailer for Vizioneck (the game), the team headed up by founder Michael Armbrust is already well on its way to do just that.

Having only been formally announced last week, the teaser video for Vizioneck is said to contain a total of fifteen secrets that will go a long way to explaining what the game is all about, but we have learned that you’ll control a simple cube, a Ranger, and by the sounds of things stealth and deception play a large role in surviving in what could be a fascinating multiplayer game.

Read through the secrets that have been discovered so far at the official Vizioneck blog, and watch the trailer below to see if you can spot any more mysteries:

VizionEck PS4 Announcement Trailer

What do you make of it?

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