New Sunset Overdrive details arrive, sounds like Jet Set Radio with guns

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Sunset Overdrive was first announced during Microsoft’ E3 2013 press conference with the game’s crazy (and crazy colourful) debut trailer.

The video presented a look at the graffiti-covered, zombie-infested city that players will be wall-running through, with chances to partake in a spot of Bioshock Infinite-esque rail grinding, all while using cannisters of ‘OverCharge’ energy drinks to power their weapons.

Thanks to an Edge magazine cover-story, we’ve finally discovered a few new Sunset Overdrive details on the Xbox One exclusive Insomniac Games shooter.


Sunset Overdrive details – The Gameplay

From the sounds of things, gameplay in Sunset Overdrive will look something like Jet Set Radio with guns, combining the speed and graffiti-culture style of SEGA’s classic game with the creative weaponry that Insomniac is able to invent game after game.

As seen in the trailer, locomotion is key to the fun and fluidity of Sunset Overdrive so the aforementioned rail grinding and wall-running will be at the core of your movement, while the game itself is set up to facilitate this movement across an open-world comprising a series of islands connected by rails and cables, with buildings of all shapes and sizes to promote vertical movement, too.

Sunset Overdrive details – The Story

Also alluded to in the debut trailer, the world of Sunset City has been overrun by creatures called ‘the OD’d,’ transformed from regular citizens to something not unlike a zombie by a new drink brought to market by corporate entity ‘Fizzco.’

The drink, called ‘Overcharge Delirium XT,’ soon takes hold of everyone who consumes it, turning them into the OD’s in the process, which means it’ll be up to you and your friends to form online factions to take them down.

Sunset Overdrive Details – Debut Screenshots

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You can read more about Sunset Overdrive in the latest digital issue of Edge over here if this snippet has caught your interest.

Source: Edge-Online via CVG

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