Key Watch Dogs characters revealed in explosive new trailer

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Hands up those of you who are excited for Watch Dogs this month?

Well… we can’t really see you (which is surely a relief), but we’re going to take it for granted that a lot of hands shot up. In the game’s latest trailer we’re introduced to a few of the characters we’ll meet in Watch Dogs, which we’re pretty sure will keep those hands held in the air until launch.


Ubisoft warns us that, in the world of Watch Dogs, it’s never completely clear who you can trust mainly because it’s “filled with duality, danger, and warring factions,” they say, and everything can change “with the touch of a smart phone, keystroke, or pull of a trigger — it’s volatile, to say the least.”

“It remains to be seen how Aiden interacts with these individuals,” Ubisoft writes, “but they’re all unique and complex characters that help add color and intrigue to the game’s story.”

Introduce yourself to some of the key Watch Dogs characters ahead of the game’s launch later this month and let us know which you think are trustworthy or not:

Watch Dogs Characters Revealed Trailer

Watch Dogs is out on May 27th around the world on PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, while the Wii U version of the game will release “at a later date” now that the team is “fully focussed” on this version of the game.

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