Destiny public beta dated for July, exclusive to PlayStation for a limited time

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The last we heard about the Destiny public beta was when the launch of the online taster was delayed to the ‘Summer’ of 2014 following a release date announcement for the full game.

More recently, Activision has announced that we’ll be getting to grips with Destiny in July ahead of the game’s launch in September.

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The news was announced during a recent Activision investor call, where it was revealed that World of Warcraft subsciber numbers continued to tumble from 7.8 million to 7.2 million in the last financial quarter, despite the fact that there have already been one million pre-orders for the game’s next expansion pack, Warlords of Draenor, due out in late 2014.

As far as Destiny is concerned, however, the game is on the verge of setting new pre-order numbers for Activision for a new intellectual property – an IP that the company is reportedly spending $500 million on in order to develop, market and distribute.

The Destiny public beta in July will remain exclusive to PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 for a limited time before opening up to Xbox 360 and Xbox One players who have pre-ordered the game.

Destiny launches across PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on September 9th. Are you ready for Bungie’s new adventure?

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