The cast of Alien Isolation aren’t to be believed, despite their realism

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Despite the fact that the voice (and face?) cast chosen to bring virtual life to the characters of Alien Isolation look as real as developer Creative Assembly can muster in-game, they aren’t to be believed. In this way, they prove themselves to be all too human…


In the latest developer diary for the first-person horror game, the creators of Alien Isolation talk about how they’ve brought the characters into the game with face scanning technology and what looks to be a spot of performance capture, too.

Game designer Gary Napper warns that even though a lot of the time you’ll have to worry about surviving the advances and encounters with the game’s only Xenomorph enemy, “there are actually other threats aboard the [Sevastopol] station that they will have to worry about,” including humans stranded on the station who are trying to survive.

Don’t trust ’em:

Alien: Isolation – Creating the Cast Trailer

Alien: Isolation is out on October 7th across Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Don’t miss El33tonline’s current and continued coverage of the first-person survival horror game for more details.

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