New Destiny developer diary focuses on armour, weapons and loot

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Bungie has released a new developer diary for its upcoming “shared-world shooter” Destiny homing in on three of the key features that the studio hopes will make for rewarding gameplay: armour, weapons and loot.

All the armour in the game is designed to reflect the level that players are at so you can expect to be rewarded for all your XP grinding with imposing armour that sets you apart from lower level players. Meanwhile, Destiny’s vast variety of weapons spans three broad categories: Primary (auto-rifles and hand cannons), Special (shotguns and sniper rifles), and Heavy (rockets and belt-fed machine guns). If you’ve become very attached to a certain weapon then the good news is that it won’t be removed from your arsenal when you play as a different class. Finally, the loot you discover is unique to your world so members of your Fireteam or opposing players won’t be able to snag valuables from right under your nose.

Here’s the video:

Destiny is due out on September 9th worldwide across PS4, PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360. Follow El33tonline’s extensive and continued coverage of Destiny and check out our latest preview over here.

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