The future of Unreal Tournament will be revealed this week, due for a “comeback” says Epic

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Have you spent more than a healthy amount of time destroying your friends (and bots) in Unreal Tournament over the years? Then Epic’s Mark Rein has some good news for you because he’s “excited for the comeback!”


On late Friday, May 2nd, Epic Games’ publishing executive for games and the Unreal Engine, Paul Meegan, tweeted out that we would find out about the future of Unreal Tournament this coming Thursday:

This was quickly followed up by tweets from Epic Games vice president Mark Rein, who said:


What do you think Epic Games has in store for Unreal Tournament fans this week? Do you think external Unreal Engine 4 developers have approached the company to make an official new entry to the Unreal Tournament series, as alluded to by Paul Meegan?

What would you expect from a modern-day arena shooter in the same vein as Unreal Tournament or Quake? Do you think a free-to-play business model would be necessary for it to succeed?

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