H33rsay: New Nintendo hardware to be revealed at E3 2014 in June

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H33rsay is El33tonline’s round-up of game industry rumours and speculation where we have looks at unconfirmed and unannounced pieces of news emerging from anonymous tipsters, information leaks and generally dubious sources. It may not all be true, but it’s still fun to talk about!


Even as Nintendo’s slate of 3DS software continues to trickle in following 2013’s flood of excellent titles, the company has still failed to stir up excitement surrounding the Wii U here in 2014. With a dire lack of third-party support and only two major first-party releases that we know of in the form of Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros., Nintendo’s home console business is stalling despite the promise of new Zelda and Mario games in the future.

Nintendo’s E3 2014 presentation strategy, it’s been revealed, will mirror that of 2013 when the company held an online video streaming event to announce new games and services to sidestep (and get ahead of) the noise generated by Sony and Microsoft in the days leading up to E3 starting June 10th.

What games can Nintendo possibly announce at E3 this year to attract new 3DS and Wii U owners? Will this be the year that the Japanese gaming giant begins to reveal its new health-based entertainment strategy? Is this the year that Nintendo announces a new strategy for its home console business?

New Nintendo Hardware at E3 2014

Speculation has begun to swirl surrounding the possible announcement of new Nintendo hardware at E3 this year, and while there’s no consensus on the form that this hardware will take or even if it’s a brand new console, industry watchers are confident something will be revealed.

According to, a source involved in third-party game publishing has said that new Nintendo hardware of some description will be revealed, with games compatible with this hardware on show, too, thought to be linked to rumours earlier this year involving a two-part gaming system that features a home console and a removable, portable gaming device that connects to this central device.

IGN, on the other hand, has also “heard rumours that Nintendo might be showing hardware at E3,” with IGN co-founder Peer Schneider remarking on a recent podcast:

“They are absolutely going to show new hardware this year, there is no doubt in my mind… I’ve heard it from multiple people now. I’ve heard it from someone who used to be at Nintendo, I’ve heard it from somebody on the third-party front.”

What do you think the chances are of Nintendo revealing new hardware of any sort, be it an add-on, console revision or a new console altogether?

Source: IGN and Videogamer

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