Tony Hawk’s Shred Session is a mobile free-to-play endless runner – here’s what it looks like

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We previously heard about a mobile-exclusive Tony Hawk game, but we’ve recently received the first concrete details on Tony Hawk’s Shred Session thanks to mobile specialist site TouchArcade, and Tony Hawk himself.


Tony Hawk’s Shred Session will take the form of an endless runner style game, except you’ll naturally be skating from a third-person perspective with the chance to switch lanes and perform tricks as you automatically slide through the world.

The game will be free-to-play and progression will be gated by achieving higher ranks in the game’s various courses and challenges while accumulating stars. Stars act as the currency of the game to let you buy upgrades, but you can always spend real world money to progress, too.

TouchArcade has an in-depth preview of Tony Hawk’s Shred Session, but you should watch a hands-on video of the game played by Tony Hawk himself to get an idea of the gameplay:

Tony Hawk’s Shred Session Hands-on Video – Played by Tony Hawk

Will you be giving Tony Hawk’s Shred Session a try?

Source: TouchArcade via Eurogamer

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