Hellraid is now a PS4, Xbox One and PC game, delayed to 2015

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Originally announced as a PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC game almost exactly one year ago, with a delay into 2014 as a result of a desire to add new features, modes and polish, developer Techland has announced that the first-person co-operative dungeon crawler Hellraid has been pushed back into 2015 and will move to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 to take advantage of a new game engine and features.


Now running on Techland’s Chrome Engine 6 (also being used in Dying Light), Hellraid has gone through an overhaul and has “expanded and evolved thanks to the developers’ experience and players’ feedback.”

A variety of game modes are still set to be included in Hellraid, with Story Mode, Mission Mode (form combat combos to rack up a score on the leaderboards) and Arena Mode (survive waves of enemies), all playable either solo or co-operatively with two to four players.

Character customisation is also promised with various clothing, armour and accessory options, while the class-free skill tree will let you develop a unique character all your own by “combining various active and passive abilities divided into intertwined paths of combat, magic and agility.” Weapon crafting will also play a key role in the game.

Hellraid – Next-gen Screenshots

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Techland says that the combat system in Hellraid has been improved, too, and now features both one- and two-handed melee weapons with shields, magic staves and ranged weapons available to use, while additional combat options like counter-attacks, parries and dashes all add to the brutal and deep battles.

While Hellraid will only launch in 2015 on PS4, Xbox One and PC, you’ll be able to get a taste of the game this year through Steam Early Access before the final game is released next year.

Watch the latest trailer for Hellraid below to see the advanced features that Techland is injecting into the game thanks to the leap to next-gen systems:

Hellraid Next-gen Gameplay Trailer

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