Action-packed Freedom Wars story trailer raises more questions than it answers

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The Asian branch of Sony Computer Entertainment has released a new Freedom Wars story trailer for that raises a lot more questions than it answers.


This action-packed trailer reveals some of the villains and allies you’ll be spending time with during this dystopian tale of a far-flung future where humans live in heavily overpopulated cities called Panopticons. To try to curb overpopulation thousands of people (including the character you play as) are unjustly arrested and forced to battle gargantuan monsters called Abductors as punishment. Defeating these creatures frees civilians they’ve captured and shortens your million-year prison sentence as a reward.

Here’s the new trailer showcasing some of these savage Abductors:

Freedom Wars will be released exclusively for PS Vita on June 26th in Japan and sometime later this year in North America and Europe. Head over here for El33tonline’s previous coverage of this intriguing multiplayer action RPG from SCE Japan Studio.

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