Will you survive the night? First H1Z1 trailer is terrorised by zombie silhouettes

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The legend of Sony Online Entertainment’s next massively multiplayer online game grows week by week as the zombie-themed survival horror title continues to be compared with another similar experience, DayZ, following the official announcement a little under two weeks ago.

It’s taken this long, however, to get a good look at the first-person game in moving pictures, which we’re very happy to present below along with a more meaty helping of gameplay.


A crew of inquisitive H1Z1 fans were able to access to the below-appearing debut trailer for H1Z1 through a series of trial and error attempts at entering codes on the official site, documented on Reddit, where speculation has also ran rife on this image that resulted from the team’s digging.

But we are of course here to clap eyes on H1Z1 in motion, so let’s not delay:

First H1Z1 Trailer – H1Z1 Will You Survive the Night?

That was a pretty good glimpse at H1Z1, but what if you want something a lot more substantial?

How about fifty minutes of commentary and gameplay captured from a recent livestream hosted by game designer Jimmy Whisenhunt and technical director Tom Schenck? Do you like the sound of that? Then go crazy:

H1Z1 – Full Gameplay Walkthrough

Do you like what you’ve seen of H1Z1?

Follow El33tonline’s continued coverage of this rather exciting MMO as we keep our ears to the ground and our eyes to the sky in the search for more information.

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