Report: New Kingdom Hearts 3 information revealed on Xbox One website

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Following the reveal of additional details on Final Fantasy XV after having appeared on the official Xbox and PlayStation websites recently, the intrepid writers over at Kingdom Hearts fansite KH Insider have uncovered more snippets on another of Square Enix’s titles, coming up trumps with new Kingdom Hearts 3 information in the process.


New Kingdom Hearts 3 From the Xbox Corner

The unveiling of Kingdom Hearts 3 at Sony’s E3 2013 press conference whipped many a fan into a frenzy, but we’re currently unclear whether or not this latest information drop will have a similar affect – read over the translated version of the text that appeared on the official Xbox One site:

“In the latest entry of the Kingdom Hearts series, a grown Sora will journey to a new adventure. Next generation platform specs are being utilized, actions are more exhilarating than ever, and offers a mechanism that is jam-packed with (ride) attractions. The compilation of the series has expanded the storyline to an impressive scale and it will evolve into a work of rich entertainment.

“In addition to the notable themes of Kingdom Hearts, a new essence is being implemented to Disney worlds. Only in Kingdom Hearts this experience can be played and please look forward to it by all means.”

Well, at least Square Enix is confident!

If you were expecting either Kingdom Hearts 3 or Final Fantasy XV any time soon on Xbox One or PlayStation 4, then Square Enix had a bit of cold water for fans last year revealing that the publisher’s work on both games is hampered by the fact that they share a director, Tetsuya Nomura, which naturally makes rapid progress on either title rather difficult.

Which game do you hope to be released first?

Dive into El33tonline’s previous Kingdom Hearts 3 coverage for the game’s debut trailer, a few screenshots and more details.

Source: KH Insider

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