Report: New Final Fantasy XV details appear on official Xbox and PlayStation websites

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It’s been rather quiet over the last few months as far as fresh details on Final Fantasy XV are concerned, and following the game’s reappearance at E3 2013 (and a name change from the long-in-development Final Fantasy Versus XIII), we’ve been playing a lot of the waiting game before we get the chance to play the actual game.

That all changed recently with the posting of new Final Fantasy XV details on both the official Xbox and PlayStation websites, and thanks to a little help from consumer site DualShockers.


New Final Fantasy XV Details From the Xbox Corner

Owing to the fact that I’ve found the most recent Final Fantasy games and their plots to be indecipherable, here is the translated text that appeared on the Japanese Xbox site, with information on the story of Final Fantasy XV, as well as a few gameplay details, too:

“Final Fantasy XV features a high action system unprecedented in the series. By taking advantage of the specs of next generation consoles, characters can move freely across the whole screen. In addition to that, the party battle system is now more advanced, allowing you to enjoy party battle by switching characters more strategically.

“As the royal heir of Lucis who has the last crystal in the world, the main character Noctis and his friends will suddenly be involved in the war.”

New Final Fantasy XV Details From the PlayStation Corner

Similarly, a few new snippets of information appeared on the official Japanese PlayStation site, which you can read below:

“The battles featured in Final Fantasy XV have evolved greatly from the previous games of the series, as it’s created as an action game. The game switches seamlessly from the field to battle and the combat situation evolves rapidly. It goes on quickly with a sense of full realism.

“Also, it’s possible to fight not only with the hero Noctis, but also to switch with other characters. Furthermore, it’s also possible to perform a combination attack with a companion while enjoying the dynamic effect.

“Noctis can fight by making use of a variety of weapons and can move quickly within the areas by attacking enemies with stylish action! You can fight monsters by cooperating with an ally. The ability to fight in collaboration with unique companions is an important feature of this game.”

Do you think Final Fantasy XV will be the Final Fantasy game to definitively push the series into a new and exciting era? Or will it be more of the same that we’ve come to expect from the languishing franchise?

The E3 2013 trailer was especially intriguing with an action-oriented focus and incredible set-pieces – watch it over here if you haven’t yet.

Source: DualShockers

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